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Bellflower, Cerritos, Lakewood, Cypress

If you need family planning services in Bellflower, Cerritos, Lakewood, or Cypress, give our abortion clinic a call at 714-966-9094 for help and further information. We are highly experienced in the care of women for family planning, and can get you scheduled very quickly.

What to expect when you visit us:

On the day of your visit, it is better if you have a driver with you in the event that you will be having the surgical abortion, but it is not absolutely necessary. That’s because we perform this under local anesthesia, and you will not be going to sleep. Therefore, recovery from the process is almost immediate, and there aren’t anesthetic medications that need to clear your body prior to being able to drive. However, if you do not have a driver, we cannot administer an optional oral sedative, as this would impair your ability to drive. If you are not going to have the surgical termination but plan to take the medication, or abortion pill, a driver is not necessary at all. The process will begin 24 hours later, while you are comfortably at home.

You will have your blood drawn to check your blood type and to check for anemia. Then you will have an ultrasound by our family planning physician to check for the gestational age, or how far you are into the pregnancy. We recommend that an ultrasound be done prior to any abortion at our clinic so that the exact weeks are known. This gives a better understanding of whether it is still possible to end it or whether it is too far along. Also, it will gauge the type of instruments to be used and whether or not it is still early enough to take the abortion pill. These factors are extremely important prior to attempting a termination.

After the ultrasound, our family planning physician will discuss the options, get a medical history, and explain what to expect during the process and the medical risks associated with each choice.

If you wish to take the abortion pill and are early enough to do so, the doctor will then dispense these medications and explain how and when to take them. If you wish to terminate with the dilation and curettage procedure, then you will be given certain medications to that will prepare you for the D and C. You will spend a couple of hours in our women’s clinic while they take effect, followed by the procedure. After a short observation time you will be sent home with a prescription for antibiotics.

We look forward to helping all women of Bellflower, Cerritos, Lakewood, Cypress that need our abortion clinic. Please call us at 714-966-9094 so we can assist you.

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