Abortion Pill

Ru-486, Mifeprex, Mifepristone | If you are under 10 weeks then the abortion pill is superior to surgery due to its convenience and high safety margin.

Abortion Pill

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and you have questions or wish to terminate it, call us at (714) 966-9094 to schedule an appointment.

We know how difficult it is to have an unwanted pregnancy. We also know that if you need to abort it, you want to do it in a safe, confidential and private way that allows you to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. You also want to be seen quickly and not have to wait a long time to get an appointment.

We will want to meet you as soon as possible and discuss your options which will hopefully include taking the Abortion Pill. We will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. We are very sensitive to the fact that time is of the essence when trying to terminate. This is why we try to get you into our clinic quickly, before time starts to close off your options. We strive to give you an appointment within a couple of days usually, and sometimes the same day depending on which day you call us. It’s fine to come in and have a sonogram, get the facts, and decide to further consider your options. Knowing how far along you are as soon as possible is very important, because then you can gauge how much more time you have for the pill option.

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We are a community women’s clinic and abortion center that provides low cost, affordable reproductive health care for the women of Southern California, located in Santa Ana, Orange County.

What Should I Expect When I Take the Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill consists of two different medications taken 24 hours apart. The first, Mifeprex, will block the hormone that the pregnancy needs to grow. Most people don’t have any symptoms after taking this first medication, even though it is extremely important for the process to work. The second medication, Misoprostol, will interact with the uterus to bring about the cramps that will expel the pregnancy. The process is identical to a natural miscarriage, which means you will experience cramping pain followed by bleeding and passage of blood clots. The severity will depend on the age of the pregnancy; the earlier it is the less the cramping and bleeding that’s experienced. The pregnancy will be expelled along with the blood clots.

Is The Abortion Pill Invasive?

The good part about the medication is that it is not invasive, and no surgical procedure will usually be necessary. We want to avoid anything that places instruments inside the body if possible. The best practice in medicine is to approach treatment with the least amount of invasion into the body and therefore have the least risk. A surgical procedure should really only be performed if you are too far along for the pill to work, or in case the pill has already been taken and failed, which is very rare.

Does The Pill Give Me More Control?

Yes, and when you are already in a situation that seems to be out of control, regaining some of that control is very empowering and allows you to better deal with everything. We strongly believe that giving control back to women is very helpful to allow them to have a more positive experience. Things are already difficult for you because of circumstances. We want to do our best to make it less difficult. Every little bit of power and control we give back to you takes more burden off from you and will hopefully lighten your heart a bit.

Does the Medical Pill Allow Me More Privacy?

Yes, the Abortion Pill allows the termination to take place in the privacy of your home, in a place and time of your choosing. The privacy of your home is a place of comfort and relieves the stress of being surrounded by strangers.

What Is the Cost of the Abortion Pill?

The cost of the Abortion Pill can vary in California from $500 up to $1,100 depending on which clinic you visit. We ask that you call us to get the most up-to-date pricing in our clinic because our prices are subject to change. Currently, our cost for the abortion pill at Her Choice Women’s Clinic is $500. The fee includes your initial office visit, an initial ultrasound to determine how far you are into the pregnancy, the Abortion Pill Mifeprex and Misoprostol, blood work to check your blood type, and one follow-up visit to ensure the Abortion Pill was successful.

What Makes You Different From Planned Parenthood or the Other Abortion Chain Clinics?

There’s nothing wrong with the Chain of Abortion Clinics like Planned Parenthood. However, we have a different philosophy to offering our family planning services. We are not a chain, and in fact, we are at one single location in Santa Ana. We don’t like treating our patients like an assembly line, and instead prefer to give you more personalized care. We feel it makes a big difference in the experience to not feel like a number in a chain. Also, we don’t use Physician Assistants or Certified Nurses as your primary caregivers. Our staff physician, Dr. Nasseri is a highly experienced Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist in practice for over 20 years and specializes in family planning and abortion services. You will be guaranteed to receive your services from Dr Nasseri personally, including the performance of the ultrasound, and not from a mid-level provider that may not be as experienced. The quality of your caregiver and physician really does matter.

Call us for an appointment: (714) 966-9094.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical abortion is induced with a medication called RU486 (mifepristone) given in combination with cytotec (also known as misoprostol). The pill is effective for an early pregnancy, and works about 90-95% of time. It is therefore very effective. Sometimes, severe cramping, pain, and bleeding can occur, and on rare occasions might result in an emergency. A rare risk of the medication includes sudden hemorrhage, which may necessitate surgical D and C. This method is usually very successful, and its advantage is that it avoids the more invasive D and C procedure which carries with it more risks. If the pregnancy is early enough, we usually recommend the pill over the surgery, again because it is very effective and carries less risk than the surgical removal. Of course, this is dependent on the patient's medical history and current situation. The consultation with our physician will help determine if the pill is right for you.

The medication is effective up to 10 weeks from the last menstrual period, if periods are accurate and regular, which is equal to 8 weeks from the time of conception. After 10 weeks, it is no longer effective, and it will not be an option. After 10 weeks, surgical removal is the only option. During those 10 weeks, sooner is usually better. The sooner it is, the smaller it is, and there is less pain, less bleeding, less risk of hemorrhage, and it is slightly more effective.

Your physician will go over the instructions on how to exactly take the pills for maximum effectiveness. Properly following this protocol is crucial to ensure success. On Day 1, Mifeprex is swallowed, which usually has no immediate effect. On Day 2, after 24-36 hours, Misoprostol is taken as a set of 4 pills together between the gum and the cheeks. The process of the expulsion usually begins within a few hours of taking the second medicine on Day 2.

This is certainly a possibility, however it is usually rare. For this reason, we recommend that you return for a follow up visit within 2-3 weeks, to ensure that the termination was successful. This treatment has a very high success rate, working at least 90-95% of the time according to published research. In our practice, we find an over 95% success rate, which is almost as good as the surgical method. Remember, even the surgical removal method carries a chance of failure, which is only slightly better than with the medication method. Even though failure is always a possibility, it is always better to try a non-invasive method first which almost always works, and only resort to more invasive surgery in the rare event that it fails. We utilize the protocol that carries the highest success rate in the United States, so we offer you the best chance of success in our facility.

This method will cause a miscarriage. The process is the same as a natural miscarriage; the only difference is that it is brought about after taking these medications. A miscarriage is the body's natural process of expelling a pregnancy. The uterus will contract to push out the tissue. The contractions are perceived as cramps, not like labor contractions, since the pregnancy is very much smaller than a term fetus. The cramps will be accompanied by bleeding, which can vary from very mild to very heavy. The severity of the cramps and the bleeding are usually proportional to the gestational age. The earlier, the less cramping pain and the less the bleeding, as there is considerably less tissue that needs to be expelled. This is the reason that we say earlier is always better.

The mifeprex doesn't usually have any side effects. The side effect profile is tied to the second set of pills that are taken, called misoprostol or cytotec. Misoprostol can cause gastro-intestinal effects of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. It can also cause sensation of warmth or cold, fevers, and chills. Remember, some people may not experience any of the effects, while others may experience some or all of them. All of these side effects are normal, and are no cause for alarm. Usually, they are very short lived and go away within a few hours. Most people will have only minimal side effects, if any, and majority will not require any of the treatments mentioned above, although they remain an option.

Usually, within 2-3 days after the process you may resume work. You should wait longer if directed to do so by you health care provider. Some women may require longer to resume work, depending on how they feel. If you feel well enough to return, then you may do so.

You should refrain from any sexual activity for at least 4 weeks. Certainly, do not have sex prior to returning for your follow up visit.

We are committed to protecting your confidentiality as much as possible. We understand the sensitive nature of family planning and abortion services, and do whatever we can to protect patient confidentiality. We do not release any information to anyone other than you unless specifically directed to do so by you, or as is required by law.

No. The consent of the patient is all that is needed. The parent's consent is not necessary for a pregnant minor patient in California.

Although we welcome walk-in patients and try to accommodate them as much as possible, we cannot guarantee that they will be seen that day. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you obtain an appointment.

Yes, we offer a free pregnancy test to anyone that wants one and qualifies.

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