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Corona, Riverside, Fontana, San-Bernardino

Her Choice Women’s Clinic offers abortion services with the pill or by the procedure. Our aim is to provide a comforting and supportive environment for what is obviously a very difficult time for our patients. We have women’s clinic services for our patients from Corona, Riverside, Fontana, and San-Bernardino.

Our abortion clinic is very confidential. We never share any of your information with anyone else without your consent. Since termination is a sensitive and private matter, many women have concerns regarding their privacy. We understand and respect that fact very much.

Another factor that is very important to us is treating our patients with respect and dignity. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is stressful, and the decision to end the gestation is a serious one. This is the reason that we believe a woman’s final decision should be respected. There are others that feel they have the right to try to persuade a pregnant woman to alter her decision. We do not feel compelled to alter the patient’s personal decision or her reasons. Our only thought is to guide her with the best medical advice, and to make sure she understands the medical factors involved. Her choice is hers alone, and regardless of that choice, we must treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves.

Our low-cost abortion clinic provides those in need of termination services with both the abortion pill as well as the surgical termination option. Both are available to those under 9 weeks, but we feel the pill is probably a better option since it is not invasive. Nevertheless, this is not true for everyone, and each person must be individually assessed for the final determination of which medical approach would be best for her. This is something that will be determined after consulting with our ob/gyn physician at our facility. Our doctor will go though the details and help each person make the right choice.

Our central location makes us very close to the cities of Corona, Riverside, Fontana, and San Bernardino. If you live there and require our services, call us at 714-966-9094 to be seen immediately.

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