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In the cities of Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, and Westminster, your local community abortion clinic is Her Choice Women’s Clinic. We can help if you are pregnant and do not wish to continue. The sooner we see you the easier and better if you wish to abort.

Even in the best circumstances, birth control can sometimes fail. When it does, the woman is faced with a pregnancy she was not planning or expecting. In such a difficult situation, she has to decide whether to continue or to end it. This is of course a very personal decision and the only person that knows the right answer to that question is that woman.

At other times, birth control may not have been used because it was not available, or forgotten. Sometimes, there are women that cannot tolerate to take contraceptives because of their reactions or because of certain medical conditions that prevent them from being prescribed.

No matter the cause, an unintended pregnancy is a situation that must be addressed and not ignored. The gestation will not go away by itself by wishing it away. This is a critical time, and an important choice needs to be made. Either accept what has happened and continue with the inevitable course of pregnacy followed by birth, or decide to stop it from progressing any further.

If your decision is to abort the pregnancy, then immediate and quick action must be taken. Time is extremely important, and cannot be allowed to lapse slowly. Procrastination is harmful if in the end you plan to terminate, because a morea advanced gestation is harder to deal with than an early one. Obviously it is not expected that you decide right away after finding out about the pregnancy, but you cannot simply ignore it for weeks and allow it to progress. A definite choice needs to be made within a few days time.

Our advice is that once you make your decision, don’t second guess yourself. Considering the pros and cons of any choice is natural and healthy for a certain period of time. It will give you the thinking clarity to make the best decision. However, after taking everything into account and making a decision, try to solodify that choice and simply move ahead with it. Going back and forth too much can only lead to further confusion and uncertainty.

There is no one answer that exists for everyone. Each person is different, and each person’s circumstances are different.

We respect your choice no matter what it is, and will help you obtain an abortion if that is your decision. Call us at 714-966-9094 if we can assist you in Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, and Westminster.

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