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Welcome to Her Choice Women’s Clinic. We are the Abortion Clinic near you in Orange County California founded by A G Nasseri, MD, a Board Certified Ob-Gyn with specialized training and expertise in Family Planning and Abortion Services.

If you need help because you need an abortion, we can help you. We know you are in a difficult situation and want a professional’s help to resolve it. This is the reason we formed this Women’s Clinic because we know that the women of our community sometimes sorely need our services. Our community is primarily Orange County as well as near by Los Angeles and San Diego Counties in Southern California.


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What Services Are Offered at Your Abortion Clinic?

We are able to terminate a pregnancy up to 17 weeks. It is always better to see us earlier, because it makes the process easier, safer, and with lower cost.

If you are 10 weeks and under and meet certain clinical criteria, then we usually recommend the abortion pill as it is the lowest cost, least invasive, and least risky. The abortion pill is safe, highly effective, not invasive, and causes the pregnancy to pass in a natural way similar to a miscarriage. We have vast experience with this Mifeprex and Misoprostol protocol in the last 12 years, and have adjusted it according to the latest scientific research and FDA recommendations. We have achieved an excellent result of safety and effectiveness with this Pill combination at our Abortion Clinic.

If you are under 10 weeks you have a big advantage if you need to terminate because of the availability of this medication with a proven safety and effectiveness profile that makes for a process that’s a lot easier. Of course, each earlier week places you in a better position of safety and effectiveness, so call us right away at (714) 966-9094 for an appointment if you need to terminate.

Over 10 weeks limits you to only the surgical abortion option. We perform that here in this clinic, and usually, it is done the same day. For the surgical procedure, however, plan on spending 4-6 hours here, as we must make pre-procedure medical preparations that make the surgery easier and safer.

Even though surgical abortion is more involved, invasive and more risky than the abortion pill, it is still a very safe procedure. In order to provide the lowest risk of complications, we provide the surgery under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia will numb the specific area that the procedure is taking place, specifically the cervix and the uterus. You will not be placed under general anesthesia, or sleep, because general anesthesia or even deep sedation exposes you to further risks that are life threatening. General anesthesia or deep sedation has almost as high a risk of complication as the procedure itself, so we avoid it.

Like everything else, the safety and results are also dependent on operator skill. Dr Nasseri has been in practice for over 20 years, specializes in family planning and abortion services, and is a skilled surgeon with vast experience in pregnancy termination both with the pill and with surgical abortion. He has a very low complication rate, and is highly proficient in his area of specialty. We prefer that you are eligible to terminate with the pill, but if you need the surgery, Dr Nasseri can help you with the highest level of care and expertise, making it as low-risk as possible. Again, operator skill and experience really make a difference, so choose your physician wisely.

What Sets Your Abortion Clinic Apart From Others Near Me?

Going through an abortion is a very intimate, private, and personal experience. Most people going through such a difficult task need more special care delivered in a compassionate manner. We are a relatively small community clinic and take pride in priding individualized care for our patients. Most other providers are large and very busy chain clinics that use an assembly line model to provide care, and will not take time to provide the sensitive care that this situation requires. Our patients love and appreciate our personal, compassionate, and individualized care, and we love and appreciate them in return.

Also, the Staff Physician, Dr. Nasseri, will directly provide your care. He personally meets with every patient, performs the ultrasound, and discusses the treatment options directly with every single patient. We don’t use physician assistants or mid-level providers with little to no experience and high turnover rate to deliver your care. Our staff has over 20 years experience. We have been at Her Choice Women’s Clinic for two decades, and we will continue to deliver quality, personal, and compassionate care as always.

If you need the services of our clinic, call us at (714) 966-9094 for an appointment. Delaying only makes matters worse.

About the author A.G. Nasseri, MD, FACOG

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