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Her Choice Women's Clinic is a family planning center. We provide our patients the choice of size and timing of having a family.

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The purpose of a family planning clinic is to empower each woman to choose the timing as well as the size of her family. Ideally, our clinic does so by providing birth control to prevent conception. However, many women that seek our clinic’s services have already conceived. We, therefore, provide abortion services as well at our medical center.

Whether you or a loved one needs contraception or is already pregnant and needs to terminate, we can provide that assistance. If you have questions or wish to come in for a consultation for birth control or abortion, call us at 714-966-9094.

We have provided information on family planning services on our web site for education and basic knowledge. If you have chosen to proceed with an abortion or have other questions, we are only a phone call away. You can reach us at 714-966-9094 to schedule an appointment with our doctor.

Dignity, respect, compassion, affordability, without judgement. 

Our core value is one of respect, inclusiveness, and empathy.

We are a community women’s clinic and abortion center that provides low cost, affordable reproductive health care for the women of Southern California, located in Santa Ana, Orange County.

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Birth control is the best way to avoid an unintended pregnancy. However, sometimes failures or mistakes can occur, leading to an unplanned pregnancy. Whether or not to continue with it becomes a personal choice for the woman. Of the many people in that situation, some are willing to continue, while others will end it.

Sometimes others try to pressure the woman not to have an abortion. We feel that such coercion is unethical, and that the choice is one that should be solely that patient’s. The guiding principle at our medical clinic is that the patient’s choice should be respected and supported.

If you call or visit any family planning clinic that does not support or respect your decision, then that place is doing you a disservice. Unfortunately, there are many such clinics that masquerade as a family planning center only to draw in unsuspecting women that are already in a stressful situation and then try to steer them in only one direction. These false clinics are motivated only by their personal beliefs and political agendas. It is best to avoid those places.

Rest assured that we are completely pro-choice, and will provide abortion services to each woman that has chosen to terminate the pregnancy.

Family Planning Services

The services provided by our providers includes contraceptive help as well as pregnancy interruption. Depending on how early it is, the abortion pill can be given. The surgical option is available at any point up to 16 weeks. Our doctor will meet with you and discuss which is best for you depending on medical history and personal preference.

Our skilled staff are here to help if you need any of the above womens’ care services.

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