Birth Control Clinic Serving Tucson, AZ

Birth Control Clinic Serving Residents from Tucson, AZ

Her Choice Women’s Clinic serving patients from Tucson, Arizona at our clinic in California offers birth control services to anyone in need. Our birth control services are not “one size fits all”, birth control needs to be individualized for each patient based on the patient’s lifestyle and duration of the birth control. Her Choice birth control services aim to empower all women that partake in it.

When it comes to using our birth control services our patients are encouraged to take charge of their life and not leaving room for an unplanned conception. Women using Her Choice birth control services can plan when they will conceive and how many children they wish to have. Many women who have used our birth control services are taking control of their life and making decisions for themselves.

Her Choice Women’s Clinic’s birth control services include daily birth control pills, intrauterine devices, vaginal insertion ring changed monthly, condoms, permanent sterilization, and much more. When coming to a birth control services appointment, our educated staff and the patient will work together to find the best contraceptive solution for them. We believe that control over one’s reproductive choice is an important right for all women.

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