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Abortion Pill Advantages

Even though the mifeprex allows a high convenience for the patient, it poses some risks. The decision of using the ru-486 as compared to the surgical procedure has to be weighed by the patient and doctor. This is why no decision should be final prior to consulting with a physician. Our doctor will explain everything in detail, answer your questions and then help guide the approach to terminating the pregnancy.

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(Mifeprex / Mifepristone / RU-486)

The abortion pill mifepristone became FDA approved in the US a decade ago. The choice that is offered by this medication adds another level of control to a patient. The RU-486 pill allows the woman to terminate the pregnancy by taking a simple pill instead of dealing with surgery.

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and you have questions or wish to terminate it medically, call us at (714) 966-9094 to schedule an appointment.

The Abortion Pill Is Not Invasive

The medicine has many advantages as compared to the surgical procedure. First and foremost, it circumvents the need for an invasive procedure. Much anxiety is relieved by knowing that a surgery is not necessary. It is already difficult to deal with the circumstances without having to also worry about the risks that the it poses. The ru486takes away some of that worry.

The Pill Allows More Control to a Woman

Another big factor that influences women to choose the pill route is the control that it affords them. Being in a position of having an unplanned pregnancy and having to terminate it means that some control has been lost. No one wants to be in that situation, although many women unfortunately find themselves there. At least by ending the pregnancy via a medicine the woman can regain some of the needed control over her destiny. This is because she is the one that actively partakes the act, by swallowing it instead of the doctor carrying out the act. Also, she chooses when exactly to take the medications. When she is good and ready, the woman will swallow the medicine.

The Medical Pill Is More Private

More importantly, the miscarriage will take place in the privacy of her residence, or wherever else she wants. It will not be done at the clinic. For some, that allows for further peace of mind. Being in a home environment is usually less stressful and more soothing for more people. The mifeprex makes it possible to be in a more comfortable and relaxing place when the miscarriage happens. Having the support of a loved one at home makes a distressing process more tolerable.

We are very much aware that a termination is a stressful and difficult instance in a woman’s life. For some, having the choice of the ru-486 makes that bad situation a little less terrible. Even though it is hard no matter how it is achieved, every little bit of comfort that we can offer can help. Being able to pick a process that is not invasive, carrying less risks, more control, and completing it in the privacy of one’s house makes the medical option advantageous for many patients.

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