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The medical option for termination is a relatively new choice for a woman that want to terminate their pregnancies. As with any other medical option, the abortion pill carries with it some pros and cons.

Although it is true that it is not as effective as the D and C procedure, its overall success rate is actually quite good. In the appropriate candidate, which is under 9 weeks from the last menstrual period, this medication works well and often. In our practice, we find that it successfully completely removes the pregnancy in at least 90-95% of women.

Some of the literature and the manufacturer of the drug claim an even higher effectiveness, anywhere from 95-98%, depending on how early the pill is taken. Furthermore, most failures result in the pregnancy not passing as opposed to it continuing to grow. In only about 1% of cases does the fetus continue to grow and has the potential for birth. If you consider this very low likelihood of an enlarging gestation, then the failure risk becomes very similar to the surgical abortion.


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The key to the drug's success is taking it early on.

The earlier the better. It is more likely to block the progesterone hormone that is needed in the beginning phase to maintain the placenta. As time passes, the placenta’s survival becomes less and less dependent upon progesterone, and so the blocking effect of the ru-486 on that hormone diminishes.

In conclusion, if taken early enough (before 9 weeks since the past period), the abortion pill is very effective in its ability to work. It works well in about 90-98% of the time. Given the safety, effectiveness, and non-invasive nature of this drug, it is probably a better alternative to having a surgical choice if one is a candidate for this medicine.

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