Free Pregnancy Test

The importance of the diagnosis of pregnancy is paramount. Therefore, most gynecologic evaluations begin with a pregnancy test. We offer a sensitive HCG pregnancy test in our office, with results immediately available.

Free Pregnancy Test Santa Ana

Pregnancy Tests Anaheim, Orange County

This test is performed with a urine sample and is extremely easy and quick. For our patients’ that qualify, this is a free pregnancy test.

Another way to screen for pregnancy is to perform a blood test. This test is more sensitive, meaning it will detect the hormone level at a much earlier phase since conception. The downside of the blood test is that it takes a few days for the results, it requires drawing blood, and it is more expensive than the urine screen.

If the pregnancy test is positive, then the decision of what to do next rests upon the patient. The first thing to consider is whether the conception was planned or whether unplanned. If it was planned, we can refer to a health care provider that provides prenatal care.

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Options Counseling

If the pregnancy is unplanned, then further options need to be considered. One choice is to contine with it, give birth, and plan to give the child up for adoption if keeping it and raising it yourself is not acceptable. Another choice is to continue the gestation, give birth, and keep the child, the same as if the pregnancy was planned.

The third option is to stop the pregnancy from advancing any further. This is also known as an elective termination, or abortion. The method of abortion depends on how far along the conception happens to be, and the preference of the patient. We are here to help with whatever decision is best for her, and we have a referral base whether she wants to continue with the pregnancy or not.

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